How do I register for C3 Camp

We use an online application process.  This allows us to streamline the registration process.  It also benefits us in regards to camper information.  Since we do not transcribe paper applications to digital files, which could lead to transcription errors, we are able to have more accurate information for each camper.

Can I pay for camp online

We do not offer an online payment option due to the cost per transation.

How old do I have to be to go to C3?

During a normal year campers are eligable to attend C3 Camp @ Cragmont once they have finished 3rd grade or they are 9 years old.  However this year we can only accomodate campers who are in 5th-12th grade.

Are there any additional steps to the online registration process?

Yes, there are additional steps after you have completed an online application. Once you have completed the online application and submitted you will be required to complete the following 2 steps; (Step 1) Print the "Parental Consent" page and sign (you will be directed to this page after successfully submitting a completed camp application);(Step 2)Mail the following 3 items: (A) The "Parental Consent" page,  (B) Your non-refundable deposit of $150.00, (C) A copy of your medical/insurance card.   Please mail these three items, by May 1st, to C3 Camp or give them to your Church Camp Contact person for them to mail.   C3 camp address is 752 Stoney Creek Church Road, Goldsboro NC, 27534. 

In addition to these forms Cragmonthas additional forms that are Covid based. The Cragmont Waiver and Liability Form will be submitted with the "Parental Consent" form and the Pre-Camp Heath Screening Protocol will be submitted upon arrival at Cragmont.  Those forms as well as a Policy and Procedure Form are located on the bottom of the home page.

Can I room with my friends?

Again, in a normal year Yes and No.   However with new procedures in place for this year lodging will look different.   Lodging in rooms will be limited to the amount of bed in the room (main building - 2 beds per room, bunk rooms -1 per bunk) and based on Cohort sizes of 10 campers plus 1 counselor.

- Room assignments are based on grade and gender.

- Middle school (completed 5th-8th grade) will be room together based on gender. In some instances 8th graders may be roomed with 9th graders.

- High school (completed 9th - 12th grade) will be room together based on gender. In some instances 9th graders may be roomed with 8th graders.

- At this time room request are not available.



What are some of the questions we usually need to answer concerning the C3 experience at Cragmont?   Other FAQ will be added so please check back.


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